The simple life

Living the simple life. We all want to relax and slow down, and enjoy lifes small things. How do we do it, in a world that’s built on a time schedule, where at the end of each day we still need more money, we still feel unfulfilled, and we still need more time.

It can be done! I’ll share a secret with you that maybe, 4, people know about me. I suffer from severe OCD. No, I don’t count to four twelve times or I don’t touch door faces on the way out. I suffer from the “obsession” side of OCD, where there are obsessive and compulsive traits to this disorder. I won’t bore you with all the many things I obsess over, and all the trips I’ve made home to be sure the flat iron is off, and grill, andd other things. I will save all that for another blog post, as disorders are interesting. The point I’m trying to get at, if I can work through these things and simply live, and enjoy life, as can you.

I have been on medicines to control this disorder for years. I have been off all medications the entire year of 2015. I somewhere read that coming down from my luvox is that of a heroin- addict withdrawing. And I conquered it, by channeling my thoughts and raging mind to something else. I chose animals! What better than something that requires twenty four seven care. It kind of got me out of the everyday, mother and wife scenario, while still fulfilling my role as this woman, while also volunteering my time and taking up new hobbies.

My daughter and I began raising rabbits, and began a rabbity. To date, we have kindled 4 litters. I have a total of 11 breeder rabbits that I keep. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me channel all my energy into something else than my intrusive thoughts, or I can’t tell you enough how much responsibility and skills it’s taught my daughter. As a bonus, it’s something we thoroughly enjoy doing together. I fully believe it doesn’t matter how absurd it is, if it’s something you can bond over, and enjoy, go for it!  

 We named our Rabbitry “Double Diva Rabbitry”. (Add us on Facebook😜)  We also used this as a homesteading tool, where we grass feed and non gmo feed our rabbits and we use the manure as fertilizer for our garden and flowers. Oh yeah, this year we had our first garden! I know, Ive advanced to ultimate pioneer level, right?  

  Well it’s been a pretty big accomplishment for me. I’ve had thousands of tomatoes, squash, and currently waiting on pumpkins and cantaloupes. Our rabbits love the waste of the garden and the vegetables, and the soil loves the rabbit manure.  

I even canned my first quarts of tomatoes this year. This is just a few of the things I have used to channel my upbeat way of thinking. Trying to focus on being a more frugal and useful mother and wife in general. I’ll use some of my other blogs to tell you more about my rabbits, and I’ll even give you another hint on what has my attention these days….. animal shelter!!!!! It’s a dogs world😍😍 


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