The simple life

Living the simple life. We all want to relax and slow down, and enjoy lifes small things. How do we do it, in a world that’s built on a time schedule, where at the end of each day we still need more money, we still feel unfulfilled, and we still need more time.

It can be done! I’ll share a secret with you that maybe, 4, people know about me. I suffer from severe OCD. No, I don’t count to four twelve times or I don’t touch door faces on the way out. I suffer from the “obsession” side of OCD, where there are obsessive and compulsive traits to this disorder. I won’t bore you with all the many things I obsess over, and all the trips I’ve made home to be sure the flat iron is off, and grill, andd other things. I will save all that for another blog post, as disorders are interesting. The point I’m trying to get at, if I can work through these things and simply live, and enjoy life, as can you.

I have been on medicines to control this disorder for years. I have been off all medications the entire year of 2015. I somewhere read that coming down from my luvox is that of a heroin- addict withdrawing. And I conquered it, by channeling my thoughts and raging mind to something else. I chose animals! What better than something that requires twenty four seven care. It kind of got me out of the everyday, mother and wife scenario, while still fulfilling my role as this woman, while also volunteering my time and taking up new hobbies.

My daughter and I began raising rabbits, and began a rabbity. To date, we have kindled 4 litters. I have a total of 11 breeder rabbits that I keep. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me channel all my energy into something else than my intrusive thoughts, or I can’t tell you enough how much responsibility and skills it’s taught my daughter. As a bonus, it’s something we thoroughly enjoy doing together. I fully believe it doesn’t matter how absurd it is, if it’s something you can bond over, and enjoy, go for it!  

 We named our Rabbitry “Double Diva Rabbitry”. (Add us on Facebook😜)  We also used this as a homesteading tool, where we grass feed and non gmo feed our rabbits and we use the manure as fertilizer for our garden and flowers. Oh yeah, this year we had our first garden! I know, Ive advanced to ultimate pioneer level, right?  

  Well it’s been a pretty big accomplishment for me. I’ve had thousands of tomatoes, squash, and currently waiting on pumpkins and cantaloupes. Our rabbits love the waste of the garden and the vegetables, and the soil loves the rabbit manure.  

I even canned my first quarts of tomatoes this year. This is just a few of the things I have used to channel my upbeat way of thinking. Trying to focus on being a more frugal and useful mother and wife in general. I’ll use some of my other blogs to tell you more about my rabbits, and I’ll even give you another hint on what has my attention these days….. animal shelter!!!!! It’s a dogs world😍😍 


Laura Ingalls in a Paris Hilton world

I have always considered myself “different.” The thoughts I have, the dreams and goals I wanted to reach as a child, my interests and even personality. Just from the looks of me, I have always been fairly normal though. I wore the same things everyone else did that was considered “trendy”, participated in the things others did, wore size 0 jeans and xsmall j crew tops, got the latest hunter rain boots, or steve madden heels, tanned my skin, bleached my hair , went and had manicures and pedicures and fit right into todays “barbie-fied” world.

We mimic the things we see, and hear, and are taught to look the way society wants to see us, and behave the way others have shown us to behave. We let go of our simple living from the 18th century days with Laura Ingalls, and focus only on breast implants, plastic surgeries, the newest music, being the center of attention at the wildest get together’s, get drunk, use drugs and bad language(because at the current generation,all of the above is something some of us have witnessed even our parents doing) became lazy and dependent on other people and things, dress in the most revealing of clothes to catch the eyes of men, and to attempt to make even your best of friends jealous of your body.

We cling to the Paris Hilton way of life in 2015. We keep up with the Kardashian’s, think Chrisley knows best, twerk with Nicki Minaj (give it up ladies, she has butt implants, we could never out-twerk her.) Women that have made wives look for their marriage advice from the real housewives of orange county,marriage boot camp, and compare their issues to those on jerry springer, As women, we have had the vision of magic mike( Channing Tatum), and Christian Grey crammed into our minds when it comes to what we want in a man. We get our fashion advice from the latest pop stars, where they then take their fame to a whole other level and come out with sex tape after sex tape, where the available men in this generation watches and begins to degrade, devalue and disrespect women. For some unknown reason, women strive to be more like these kind of pop stars for attention purposes. Girls turn 16 and become pregnant, and they get their own tv show. We have all came so far, that we cant even respect ourselves anymore. If we dont act with respect for ourselves, we can never be treated with respect from anyone else. The cycle continues, into the madness that we encounter today in 2015.

I don’t have to go into anymore detail in what today’s world entails, chances are if you are reading this, you are more than well aware, and just as guilty of engaging in some of these things as I am myself. We are overworked, used and abused. We as people have became just as disposable as plastic products and dispose of others as easily if they were a literal bag of trash. We have less morals, ambitions, respect, religion, beliefs, and I could go on and on. We value our time less, our lives,possessions and money. Hard work and sacrifice of time goes into making a dollar to spend on things we didn’t need in the first place. If we could just go back to the Laura Ingalls prairie days. If we could forget names like Nicole Richey, Lindsey Lohan, and Caitlin Jenner, and strive to be more like Ruth and Naomi, Dorcas, Hannah or Abigail. Yes, I’m giving you names of very influential and powerful women from the bible.

I realize this day in age, its NEAR impossible to live out the exact role of these women. However, we should strive to be more like them, as we should all be striving to be more Christ-like anyway. The styles, trends, language(not vulgar, just speech itself) and rules just simply do not allow it and they have bent this way because we have gotten away from it. In a future blog, as I study my devotions, we can talk about what some of these scriptures in the bible mean, and how we can use it for our lives now in this day in age. So let me give you some other names that aren’t biblical, that were excellent mothers, modest wives and performed many kind deeds. They are Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, Audrey Hepburn , and my favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane.

As I said earlier, I am different, I always have been. I can remember back when I was young enough to play house, and when we would have things like career day at school. All I ever wanted to do was be a house wife, and stay at home mother. I never chased any crazy antics like some of my friends did and wanted to be an astronaut or marine biologist. I knew from the earliest possible time one could realize what I wanted to do. This seperated me from SO many of my friends. I became a mother at 19 years old, and it was then I realized how blessed I was to be chosen to carry out one of Gods biggest gifts he could have gifted me with, by raising my daughter, and becoming a mother. I have always heard that something comes alive in a woman when she is with child. Currently, I am a 24 year old woman stuck with the brain of that of a 45 year old. It has kept a level head on my shoulders, perhaps made me to much of an “old woman” at times. Most of my acquaintances can’t understand how I can sit home day in and day out (as if that’s all I do, anyways?) I enjoy every moment with my daughter, and every moment with my husband ,for he is my best friend. I am his help meet. I am my daughters teacher. I strategically obsess daily on meal plans, and the health of my husband and child. I also work daily on laundry, chores and house cleanliness to be a place of comfort to my husband when he comes home from work. My husband trusts in me enough to control the finances, without using that to my advantage. And everyday I find ways to stretch the dollars further, and become more frugal in this disposable world.

I am a virtuous woman in the makings. I have accepted myself for what I am, and all I have to offer. I am becoming a twenty first century, Proverbs 31 woman. Please follow me on my journey on how to live more frugal and modest like Laura Ingall’s in a Paris Hilton world. Face all the hardships the 21st century throws in our laps as a young adult. Its a hard place to exist when you feel alone in your choices as far as trying to be more like a proverbs wife. Girls my age aren’t even committing to colleges yet, much less marriages, parenting, and mortgages. Help me, help myself, and maybe even you in this walk. It will be most rewarding and well spent with a husband as your team partner, and child to raise up into the world in the long run. I have jotted down all kinds of notes and points I want to talk about, so look for my next blog soon!